I offer troubleshooting services through which I provide quick solutions to your WordPress problems. Going crazy trying to solve a problem? I promise I can quickly fix it. If I fail to do so, I require no payment.

I am also available to update your website, upgrade it and add new functions to it. Do not hesitate to require my services to help you with any task, no matter how simple or complicated it may be. I have worked on more than two hundred projects through the last decade. In fact, I’ve worked on so many of them that I have lost count. I regularly act as a subcontractor for other professionals, in order to allow them to complete their clients’ projects. When necessary, I do so in all discretion!

Among other things, I can complete the following tasks for your WordPress websites :
  • Update and maintain your site on a regular basis;
  • Finalize a website;
  • Correct and dismiss an error message;
  • Repair bugs;
  • Improve your Search Engine Optimization results (SEO);
  • Add and modify content;
  • Perform quality control;
  • Validate your website for various browsers;
  • Add a language (multilingual website);
  • Make a website responsive (for smartphones and tablets);
  • Improve the loading speed and time;
  • Change the web hosting or domain name;
  • Add forms to a website;
  • Integrate social media;
  • Improve the security level of a website;
  • Repair a website after hacking occurred.

This is not the thorough list of what I can do; I am certain that I can improve your web experience.

Contact me and we’ll discuss this further!
Ongoing WordPress maintenance plans
Better safe than sorry
To keep your WordPress website safe, performing and running, it is crucial to regularly attend to it. Neglecting to maintain or update your website puts it at risk of becoming the aim of a cyber attack, which can have devastating consequences.

Do not wait until tragedy strikes; think ahead and hire me to maintain your WordPress website. On a monthly or quarterly basis, I will secure, update and back up your website. This will keep you from a lot of headaches.

Customer testimonials

A singular effectiveness in his work, always reliable and competitive prices. Great value!

Patrice D'Aragon

Studio D'Aragon

I have dealt with Guillaume twice for my websites in WordPress and I am completely satisfied with his services. He listens to the customer’s needs, he is fast and efficient. You can trust him!

François Bergeron


I contacted Guillaume Sanfaçon for a mandate on WordPress. We easily reached an agreement on the terms of that mandate and the work was delivered as planned, with confirmation and suggestions each step of the way. Flexible, he focuses on the needs of the customer. Excellent quality / price ratio. I recommend him without hesitation.

Francis N. Boutin

FNG ing.

Reliable, upright and expert in his field, Guillaume will meet your expectations. If you need a web developer, I strongly recommend him.

It is always a pleasure to work with Guillaume.

Jacques Goudreau

Web Designer/Integrator

I highly recommend Guillaume Sanfaçon as a web designer. I appreciated his availability and he has met my expectations.

He designed my website last year and has been able to update and greatly improve it, just as I asked, all the while respecting the price that we had agreed upon. Thank you, Guillaume!

Antoine Claes


Guillaume and I have worked on a couple of projects using WordPress, including repairing and optimizing CSS, PHP, and HTML. He remains available and delivers results quickly.

It is a pleasure working with him and I will continue to work with him.

Vicky Lawrence

SEO Expert | Digital Marketing Strategist

I know from experience that sometime fixing something is harder than building or working on it from scratch… but Guillaume was up to the challenge and the results were great.

I am very proud of my website and how everything is looking now.

Mai Eilia

Magnum Construction

Guillaume is a very professional and efficient webmaster. He managed to quickly solve major problems on my website.

He is always very courteous and even friendly and that helps a lot as we manage through the difficulties for which I need his help. He is fast, available, patient and very helpful. I would recommend him in a heartbeat; he is trustworthy!

Maryse Deraîche


Guillaume quickly found the solution to a programming problem concerning the display of our website and resolved it efficiently. He is very professional and has extensive knowledge, a quality very sought-after in this field. Thank you, Guillaume!

Annie Maisonneuve

Graphic Designer

I just wanted you to know that because of your brilliant website, I now have a completely full workshop in Montreal this May.

I’m very happy. 🙂



Guillaume works wonders with websites! He has created two websites for me over the years and they have been great!

He studied the style of art I was doing and created websites that reflected that style. He keeps my websites up to date and often has suggestions for improvements. His charges for all this are very reasonable. He responds to all my queries promptly and professionally.

Patricia Coulter