Hello! My name is Guillaume. Since 2008, I have offered website design services. I work exclusively with the WordPress platform.

By collaborating with me, an experienced self-employed worker, you will bypass the lengthy delays and high costs of agencies, all the while obtaining high quality results. Backing away from no project, I do everything, from a simple update to the major projects; even if the project requires that I hire my own team, I can and will get it done!

A project of a few hours?
Contact me today and it will be done tomorrow. (Or the following week…)

I am available to quickly work on your WordPress website. The most efficient way to proceed is to create a list of all your needs and to send it to me through email. That will allow me to quickly estimate the price and deadline, so we can come to an agreement. Once we agree on these aspects, I immediately get to work.

Recurrent needs?
I have been working for some of my clients a single hour a month…for the last ten years!

A website requires constant attention and regular maintenance. This type of project, short, but continuous, perfectly fits my schedule. Reduce your workload by assigning your website’s upkeep to me. To each their strengths and talents; I let you do what you do best, and I will do what I do best: working on your website. May it be a matter of skills or just lack of time, give me a chance to help! It will save you a lot of time and potentially, a lot of headache.

A large project?
No project scares me! (It’s probably a lot easier than you think.)

I have dedicated myself to web design for more than a decade. I can answer most (dare I say all?) your questions and turn your project into reality. Take the time to think and identify your needs. Then, send me your documents by email and we will discuss your project over coffee; I am here to help!

Your company is overwhelmed?
The biggest agencies in town hire me (sometimes, unbeknownst!)

I can be a precious ally, may it be as a collaborator or a subcontractor. Whether to prevent exceeding a deadline or to add a feather to your cap, I am willing to collaborate with you in order to make sure your clients receive the services they expect and deserve. What I prefer is to collaborate with graphic designers; you do the design, and I code it.

No matter how comfortable you are with technology and no matter which phase your project is at, I have the necessary skills to help and guide you. I build complete websites and I find the solutions to upgrade your current one. All the while making sure the budget and deadline we agreed upon are met. Do not hesitate to contact me; I am convinced I can be the solution to a lot of your problems!


Guillaume is committed to his customers. He knows how to effectively meet their programming needs. I recommend him.

Karine Hamel

Founder of Reflexia

Efficient and cordial, Guillaume led to term our project of redesigning our website, all the while adjusting himself to the current one and making wise suggestions.

A lot of energy was spared and a lot of conflicts were avoided thanks to him. Many thanks!!

Maxime Garrigue

Arab World Festival of Montreal

Working with Guillaume Sanfaçon is making sure that our website meets our expectations. Guillaume is efficient, professional and of wise counsel. I highly recommend him. I would work with him again and trust him with future projects without hesitation.

Janou-Eve LeGuerrier

Graphic Design + Illustration

Guillaume has made the two latest Studio Bizz websites, not to mention the many other Web programming projects that we’ve submitted to him since 2010.

It is a pleasure to work with him; he is very autonomous and very professional. Without a doubt, Guillaume is the webmaster you need for your projects!

Marie-Ève Leboeuf

Studio Bizz | Director of communications and marketing

Guillaume is not only an expert; he also has all the necessary qualities to lead a project to term and to meet all of the client’s expectations. He is competent, efficient, meticulous and always professional.

At the term of the project, I can say that his help was VERY precious!

Christian Dugas


Highly competent, efficient and dedicated, Guillaume is always up for a challenge! A detailed oriented service provider who watches the balance sheet like year hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective, he never tires. Guillaume will always think of the details even as he manages many tasks at the same time. Guillaume has demonstrated his ability to adapt quickly to various requirements.

I highly recommend him and assure he can bring a lot to any professional collaboration!

Mathieu Régnier

APLE - Echo Lake

We enjoyed working with Guillaume! He is very competent, professional and always available to quickly respond to questions.

Karine Chrétien Guillemette

LA TABLETTE de Miss Choco

Guillaume is a web developer who really knows what he is doing! He has solved all the problems I had on my website and even suggested a more modern design. I am very satisfied with his services and I hope that we will have the chance to collaborate on other projects in the future. Thank you!

Mariko Beaupré

Linguistic services

Guillaume has a courteous and friendly approach while remaining very professional. His talent, his curiosity and knowledge make him a great asset for anyone who needs a web designer.

Jimmy Goyette

Designer / Illustrator

Guillaume is an exceptionally talented web designer; he combines beautiful design with the practical needs of the purpose of the website. He is meticulous, hardworking and creative. He is extremely professional, punctual and delivers on time. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to build a beautiful, easy-to-manage, highly functioning-website.

Sherine Elbanhawy

Founder, Rowayat

I will not beat around the bush: I am * extremely * happy with the look, the timeframe in which you delivered the results, with your understanding of your tasks and with your services, overall.

Marc-André Séguin

Jazz Guitar Lessons.net

I just wanted you to know that because of your brilliant website, I now have a completely full workshop in Montreal this May.

I’m very happy. 🙂

Carole Zucker


It’s a delight to work with Guillaume. He’s courteous and a great listener; he always finds a way to resolve our Web issues and fulfill our needs.

He is also an excellent extensionist !

Julie Fradette

Digital Product Manager at Disques Passeport

Like any new entrepreneur who wants the best for his business, I thoroughly searched for a professional whom I could trust, someone who would understand and share my vision of things and would work within the delays I set. While working with Guillaume, I quickly realized that I didn’t have to worry; the result would be perfect. Guillaume, thank you once again for helping me bring Orygen into this world…

Frédéric Deslongchamps


Guillaume developed two websites for my businesses. He was quick, professional and he showed great creativity.

I would recommend Guillaume, without any hesitation, to anyone who wants to develop a website.

Me Marie-Noëlle Closson Duquette

Closson Duquette Law firm

Guillaume is a very professional and efficient webmaster. He managed to quickly solve major problems on my website.

He is always very courteous and even friendly and that helps a lot as we manage through the difficulties for which I need his help. He is fast, available, patient and very helpful. I would recommend him in a heartbeat; he is trustworthy!

Maryse Deraîche


I highly recommend Guillaume. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-worker. Everything he did was on time, highly inventive, knowledgeable, and he was consistently able to implement his and my ideas with imagination and skill.

I would give him an A+ as a web designer.

Mme Zucker, Ph.D,

Professor in Film Studies

Guillaume is a talented WordPress developer. He was able to respond well to all our requests, build an attractive website and was readily available to answer our questions or to solve any problems we might have. We will certainly use his services again.

Maxime Leduc

Marketing Coordinator at Hopem

I met Guillaume as a private instructor to teach me to work on my pictures using the Photoshop software. For the few weeks that we worked together, he has proved to be an extremely effective “coach”, patient, highly competent and motivating. A teacher at heart, really! I loved the experience and I learned a lot.

He has without a doubt contributed to the fact that I will do a solo exhibition at Lozeau next May.

Suzan Mailhot


I was introduced to Guillaume to create a new website in WordPress linked to a separate website for a shopping cart. I wanted to use a particular cart I was familiar with and had confidence in. Not only did Guillaume do a really sharp job on the new WP site – his area of expertise, but he made it a seamless transition to the shopping cart and back to the website. It flows beautifully and he told me he’d never used that cart software before. I was impressed by the quality of his work – artistically, and his coding skills. Price was very competitive and it is great to see the professionalism in his workmanship.

Rodney McInnis

CEO - DelphiTech Corporation

By sheer chance, I found Guillaume Sanfaçon. What a wonderful discovery! Not only has his work really helped me, but his kindness and professionalism have proved to me that it is worth giving a chance to young entrepreneurs. For all your needs in SEO and web management, you will be more than satisfied!

Caroline Hayes

Productions Caroline Enr.

Guillaume is a highly efficient, talented and fast professional. Reliable and responsive, he understands our needs and our exchanges are always fluid and cordial. These services are greatly appreciated.

Isabelle Poulin


Reliable, upright and expert in his field, Guillaume will meet your expectations. If you need a web developer, I strongly recommend him.

It is always a pleasure to work with Guillaume.

Jacques Goudreau

Web Designer/Integrator

Guillaume recently proceeded with the design and the development of my website. Guillaume is methodical, competent and pleasant. I highly recommend him!

Dr Yves Fournier