In the winter of 2005, I was visiting family in the north of Alberta. While walking around through the city of Cold Lake, tickled by curiosity, I entered an art gallery. That is where I spent the two following years; the painter Alex Janvier and his manager hired me to sell artwork, manage the collection and update their website.

Simultaneously to that work, I started my own website development company.

Alex Janvier, a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, is one of Canada's most recognized contemporary painters.

Upon my return to Montreal, in 2008, I began a bachelor’s degree in visual and new art media at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Once I completed that degree, I held an exhibit at the Digital Art Biennial.

Still at the UQAM, I then completed a university certificate in museology and art diffusions studies. In doing so, I broadened my areas of interest and completed several sociohistorical researches on various subjects, like the archives of the Dupuis Frères stores and The Indians of Canada Pavilion at Expo 67, among others.

Most of the Web development mandates I was assigned through the years came from cultural organizations such as performance venues, art galleries, photo studios, rehearsal studios, etc.

From 2008 to 2012, while pursuing my university studies and completed numerous Web conception mandates, I held several semester of Web training as well as design training sessions for about fifteen cohorts of young professionals, linked to the “Accès-Cible Jeunesse Rosemont” organization.

On top of being a WordPress and Search Engine Optimization geek, I have a passion for Montreal and its history. Every year, I develop and conduct commented tours that I have entitled “History and Culture around the La Fontaine park” as part of Jane’s walk, which is one of the 150 Walking Conversation events. I collect artifacts linked to the city of Montreal, mainly to its old companies and enterprises. I handed down part of my artifact collection of the Confitures Raymond (now Usine C) to the Écomusée du fier monde. I am currently working on cybermuseology projects, to display the fruits of my research on the Web.

As part of the university studies in museology, I completed an internship at the Dictionary of Quebec Sculpture in the 20th Century. The organization then continued to call upon my services on a timely basis. In addition to proceeding with the WordPress development of that website, which contains a few hundred pages, this contract also required literature research. I had to search through archives and museums, to contact the rightful claimants of the artists as well as government organizations in order to obtain information to complete the hundreds of biographical notes of Quebecer artists.

Being luckily launched into the art field also lead me to initiate my own collection of artwork. As a young collector, I often sold or bought works of art at an auction. Doing so, I was often surprised to realize the margin the auctioneers kept for themselves.

Determined to build an artwork collection notwithstanding my limited financial means, I began to search for artwork directly at the source: the collectors. Realizing how much time and energy it requires, I then thought that it would be so much easier if all the people who sold artworks were advertising them on the same website or location. That is how my website, came to life. It now counts over 3000 members.

In 2017, as part of the Papier Contemporary Art Fair, I was invited by the RAAV to participate to a roundtable about the art market and to present

Summarily, I have been the manager of my Web development company for a decade now. Through time, I’ve completed an important number of projects for numerous clients, including art galleries, artists, and cultural organizations. Knowledgeable WordPress developer, I also have experience in literature research, in project management and in museology. I am mindful of my clients’ satisfaction et will know how to successfully complete your projects. Do not hesitate to contact me!